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The Primary Things You Should Know To Care for Your Pet Iguana

A lot of people buy baby iguana in the urge of keeping them as pet. When these creatures grow up, these people are unable to keep them in their small cage and try to somehow get rid of them. When iguanas are getting a proper care, they grow up quite large. You should be aware beforehand that they will need a large space and bigger containers after sometime. If you are interested in keeping pet iguanas, you should know all  the important fundamental principles for bringing them up.

The Selection of Iguana

When you buy infant iguanas to make your pet, you should buy the healthy reptiles, which are energetic and lively. The healthy iguana is round in shape and its eyes are also round and shining. The skin of iguana should be free from scratches, lumps, scars and cuts. At the same time, observe that the animal you buy is clean and no fecal matter is clinging to it. If it is dirty that means there is danger of bacteria in the environment it lived. It may fall sick.

The Dwelling for Iguana

If you are new to keeping iguana as pet, you can start with a tank to keep them. It should be nearly 30 to 50 gallons. It is better to get a made to order shelter for them. As they grow, you need to provide them larger shelter. The cage should have a good height so that the iguanas can jump around. The bottom layer in the cage is also import thing. It can be made from indoor or outdoor carpeting, orchid bark,  newspaper or from artificial turf. You should not use any wood chips or barks as they can attract pest or termite. Even the cedar wood is toxic.

Place some branches so that iguana can climb on them and hang.  The branches should be strong to bear the weight of these lizards. Avoid use of hot rocks for lighting of tanks.

Methods for Heating

The iguanas should be kept warm and comfortable. It helps them to digest their food and stay healthy. You should monitor the temperature in their cage with a thermometer. There should be a warm place to bask with a temperature around 110 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use a spotlight for this purpose. Heat tape, under tank heaters and ceramic lights are some of the other alternatives.

The Food

The food given to iguana should be healthy and nutritious. You can follow a diet plan for them in consultation with an expert. The iguanas normally eat plants, vegetables and fruits. They should not be fed food containing animal protein. They may relish pizza and all junk food, but that is not good for their health. Give them a limited quantity of vegetables. Do not feed them on spinach.

They require diet containing rich quantity of Vitamin D3, calcium and phosphorous. They can be given proper commercial food as a portion of their diet. Sunlight provides them these vitamins and minerals.


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